5 Top Social Media Monitoring Blogs

There really aren’t that many blogs that focus exclusively on social media monitoring, but here are 5 others that do, or at least frequently post about social media listening and PR measurement issues:

  • WebMetricsGuru.com – Marshall Sponder’s analytics blog where he frequently posts his reviews and views on social media monitoring tools and services, plus general insights on how the tools work (or should work), influence analysis, sentiment detection, data accessibility and how to measure social media ROI.
  • The Net-Savvy Executive – Probably the best researched social media monitoring expert on the planet, Nathan Gilliatt has spent recent years testing and reviewing all of the top social media monitoring solutions. His blog is a must-read for anyone serious about monitoring. You can buy his excellent reports here).
  • Our Social Times – This is my socia media marketing blog,  but I’ve been writing about social media monitoring there for a couple of years and written reviews of the 9 monitoring and measurement conferences I’ve hosted in the UK, US and France over that period. Lots of reviews of social media monitoring tools and pointers for the uninitiated.
  • Philip Sheldrake - One of the UK’s most experienced PR experts (and an all-round splendid fellow), Philip was recently featured in David Meerman-Scott’s book Real-time Marketing and PR. His blog, though not frequent, is an important read if you’re into PR measurement.
  • Social Media Explorer – Jason Falls covers topics beyond monitoring, but he’s one of the few generalists that has genuine insight and knowledge about social media monitoring. Check out his monitoring category for some useful pointers.
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  • http://www.synthesio.com Michelle C

    Agreed. Nathan’s, Marshall’s, Jasons, Philips and your blogs are all ones that I make sure to come back to regularly. However..dare I say that there aren’t any women on your list ? ;)
    If I could I’d also suggest KD Paine, Don Bartholomew, as well as the Forrester and Fresh Network blogs.

    Happy New Year – looking forward to reading you all.

    Michelle @Synthesio

  • http://www.oursocialtimes.com Luke Brynley-Jones

    Happy New Year Michelle! Thanks for the head’s up on Don, I’ll check his blog out. KD Paine’s PR Measurement blog was on my short-list, but I’m always talking about her great work and she’s also not posting as frequently these days so I left her off this list.

  • http://net-savvy.com/executive/ Nathan Gilliatt

    Luke, thank you. What a nice way to start the year!

    – Nathan

  • http://metricsman.wordpress.com Don Bartholomew

    Hi Luke,

    I’ll make it easy for you ;) http://metricsman.wordpress.com

    Thanks, Michelle! -Don B @Donbart

  • http://www.oursocialtimes.com Luke Brynley-Jones

    Hi Don. Good to make contact. I’ve been reading your blog already! Must get you involved in one of our monitoring conferences this year. I’ll be posting up details here shortly.

  • http://www.synthesio.com Michelle

    Yes ! :)

  • Twmorrison75

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