5 Top Social Media Monitoring Presentations

I get to see a lot of social media monitoring and measurement presentations. It’s an emerging discipline – so some are better than others, and some are plain wrong. But here’s a selection of the great and the good social media monitoring presentations from 2010:

Ever wondered what you can learn from analysing 50,000 Tweets. In this presentation Nicolas Saintagne explains how to extract meaning from, often, seemingly mindless chatter.

If you’re looking for guidance on how to measure the ROI of your social media marketing or PR activities, this presentation will provide the answer. Focusing on “soft”, engagement metrics, Katie Delahaye Paine explains where most of the corporate world is going wrong with ROI.

So you’ve got your fancy social media monitoring tool, now all you need is to configure it to show you what all that data really means. Hmmm. You need Gary Angel to help you define what should and what shouldn’t be in your monitoring dashboard. This was his hugely impressive contribution to Monitoring Social Media 2010 San Francisco.

Most businesses have now understood the need to monitor and measure social media – but if you still need to make the business case for monitoring, Ann Longley’s presentation from MSM London in 2009 is still highly relevant (it made the homepage of Slideshare at the time).

A last minute addition to the first Monitoring Social Media conference I held in London, Marshall Sponder (aka Webmetricsguru) stole the show with this short, insightful presentation on the Future of Social Media Monitoring. It’s essential viewing for anyone seeking to understand this industry.

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