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5 Top Social Media Monitoring Presentations

I get to see a lot of social media monitoring and measurement presentations. It’s an emerging discipline – so some are better than others, and some are plain wrong. But here’s a selection of the great and the good social media monitoring presentations from 2010: Making Sense of Twitter – Spotter – Nicolas Saintagne View [...]

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Social Media Usage in France

Having spend a fascinating day in the company of many of France’s leading social media experts at Monitoring Social Media Paris last Friday. I got a pretty good picture of social media usage in France. Frédéric Montagnon, Director of Marketing at Wikio – one of Europe’s leading blogging portals, that also offers social media monitoring (and, [...]

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From Monitoring to Measurement: Brian Solis in Paris (10th Dec.)

Brian Solis (Founder, FutureWorks) will be keynoting at Monitoring Social Media 2010 (Paris) on 10th December. Here’s a preview of his presentation: Social media is inspiring a new genre of intelligence. With the abundance of listening and monitoring tools available today, businesses now have access to real-time insight and intelligence. The ability to know what [...]

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Mass Mavens and Mass Connectors

Influence and Influencers: A Brief Introduction

Influencers are going to play a huge role in social media marketing over the next few years. I was recently asked my views on their growing role – so I figured I’d share my notes here. Let’s call it a brief introduction to influencers. What you feel is the most accurate definition of an influencer? [...]

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Katie Paine Engagement

The Six Phases of PR Engagement

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a social media monitoring conference in Boston. As always, there was a heavy emphasis on PR monitoring and measurement. We were lucky enough to have Katie Delayhaye Paine, aka the Queen of Measurement, as the keynote. She reiterated her belief that AVE (ad value equivalency) the traditional method [...]

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Top 10 Tips for Social Media Monitoring

I was recently asked to provide my top ten tips for social media monitoring. It seemed a shame to write them down without sharing them more widely, so, here they are: Know why you’re monitoring – If you’re looking for insight, you need a tool that stores and cuts and slices large volumes of data. [...]

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