Product Review: Using Agorapulse for Facebook Page Management

Agorapulse Dashboard View

Agorapulse is a Facebook Page management application that combines monitoring, analysis, ROI measurement and Engagement. It’s designed as an affordable solution to enable companies of any size to manage their Facebook presence and systematically increase engagement and fan numbers over time. You can read a simple review of Agorapulse here. For a more in-depth look at various features of Agorapulse, read on.

Key Features

Unique Value Perception:

There is quite a useful and unique value measurement algorithm built into Agorapulse. Here the page administrator can determine the value for each variable that adds value to his campaign as per his value perception. These individual values are then combined to achieve the total value of the facebook page in question.

Engagement Options:

Agorapulse offers some simple, but powerful options to engage with your fans from within the application. Various applications can be configured for engagement from within two categories, Content apps and Promotion/Contest apps. Content apps include Document, HTML, Petition, Presentation, Video and Welcome while Promotion apps include Contest, Instant Win, Quiz, and Sweepstakes. These are exactly the kind of light-touch engagement tools that fuel activity and attract new fans, so making it easy to add them to your page and manage them is a great suite of features.

 Agorapulse Dashboard:

This displays statistics about the facebook page, with perceived value of each variable. It gives out the current value of your fan base, generated value for the last one month and since the page was added, and value for qualification, engagement, reach and sentiment. The Dashboard also shows a timeline of top posts. Publishing new posts and adding apps are possible from the dashboard itself.

Agorapulse Calendar:

Your facebook campaign can be scheduled and viewed through the Agorapulse Calendar. All your facebook posts can be viewed on the calendar and this provides easy access to past posts on any subject of interest at any given period of time.

Agorapulse Wall:

The Agorapulse Wall shows all the posts that are on your facebook page. Links, photos, videos and comments can be viewed in separate tabs as well. Each post in the Agorapulse Wall also shows the basic statistics alongside showing a measure of engagement by way of likes, comments and sentiment.


This feature shows all the major fans for the facebook page arranged in order of rank. The rank of a fan is based on activity level on the facebook page. The Fan engagement metric enables viewing all the fans on a particular page and thereby driving further engagement with the most influential. This data can be exported in csv format.

Agorapulse Statistics:

The statistics page gives a number of useful metrics. It gives a graphical presentation of fan acquisition in the given period. Other metrics include Reach and Engagement, Page contents and Fan contents. In addition this page also gives a measure of ROI based on values given by the page administrator.


The competitors tab enables viewing and comparing of two different facebook pages. Thus, if the competitor page is added for analysis it will enable you to measure your performance against your competitors.

Agorapulse Page Settings:

The value of Agorapulse measurements depend upon the values that are preset for each page. The page value is thus the summation of qualified fan value, engaged fan value, CPM value, Link click value and positive sentiment value. As far as we are aware this is unique to Agorapulse in that the page administrator can determine the values of each of these variables, enabling  system to automatically calculate the value.

Agorapulse Statistics: Graphical Representation of Activities

Positive: The most notable positive feature of Agorapulse is the ROI measurement algorithm. It allows measuring the value of each action on the facebook page/campaign. By allowing the user to set value for each KPI, it becomes more useful for individual needs.

Negative:  It would be great if you could view and respond to Notifications from Facebook including Friend Requests, Messages and Notifications, but since Facebook doesn’t generally allow this, it’s not a criticism of Agorapulse.  Apart from that the UI is pretty basic – but still effective – and, if we’re being pedantic, there are 1-2 spelling errors on the English version (the company is based in France).


Agorapulse client base include McDonalds, PriceMinister, L’Express, Provost, Virgin Megastore, L’Equipe, Jean Louis David, WonderBox, Yves Rocher, and DDB among others.

Agorapulse Wall View


Agorapulse offers 5 pricing plans based mainly on the number of fans per page. The cheapest plan, Bronze Plan offers analysis with a fan limit of 1000, and the cost is US$14 per month. The Silver plan offers analysis for fans upto 3000 and it costs US$29 per month. The Gold plan costing US$69 per month offers analysis for fans upto 30000 a month. Platinum Plan offers analysis for fans upto 100000 and costs US$145 per month. The Diamond Plan offers analysis with no limitation on the number of fans for the page/pages and costs US$360 per month.


Our Verdict: Good value for money. 

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    Thanks Mathew, this is a thorough review, you’ve done more than your homework on this one, I appreciate that very much!
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    Great post! This is really interesting piece on the behavior of Fans on major media company Facebook Page.

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    Any chance you could elaborate on the ROI bit? Thanks.

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