Product Review: Using Engage Sciences for Social Media Campaign Management

EngageSciences was formed in December 2009 and is headquartered in Oxford, United Kingdom. The founders of EngageSciences are Richard Jones, Lee Shepstone and Iain Short. This social marketing technology company is focuses on managing facebook and twitter campaigns that attract followers and convert them into ardent fans.

Key Features

Engagement Options:

A social media presence becomes fruitful when the company in question is able to interact and engage with the community and this is most often achieved through interactive social promotions. EngageSciences has an array of apps and promotional campaigns that enable the customer to build up and increase brand interaction over Facebook and Twitter.

EngageSciences enables the creation of various promotional activities including sweepstakes, prize draws, contests, quizzes, exclusive content for sharing, testimonials from fans and give-aways. Together, these features enable brands to increase their fan base and continuously keep them engaged, ultimately turning them into advocates for the company.

Conversation Management:

All social media activities are generally intended to create engagement and drive conversation. Setting up a campaign makes it imperative that the company has to continuously monitor and manage the conversation taking place, especially steering the conversation in the desired path. EngageSciences enables brands to monitor the conversation taking place on their Facebook page from within the application and also makes it possible to schedule messages and interact with followers and fans. The timeline can be viewed from within the application and it can also track the reach and results of all social media activities initiated. The application allows handling multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard.

Social Commerce:

EngageSciences application builds a social commerce hub that can be used by their customers to drive social commerce from within their own Facebook page. Social offers can be easily posted to a separate tab on the Facebook page and it can also showcase product reviews, product ratings and include viral share features. Another good feature is the ability to optimize offer displays based on the conversation that is currently taking place. Fans can also be encouraged to spread the word through launching Social Coupons. Together with this, flash deals can also be set up that can attract large number of fans within a short period.

If you are thinking of making revenue through all the social media activities you are involved with, then proper planning and execution looks to be made quite easy through the EngageSciences application.

Building Loyalty:

EngageSciences creates a social marketing database that gauges the advocacy level taking place within the social media space. The application offers a full database of all followers of the company across various social channels. This data can be filtered according to date, channel or level of engagement, enabling drilling down to the specific advocate the company wants to engage with.

The EngageSciences Fan Relationship Marketing Suite aims to increase the real audience for campaigns by not only trying to influence the immediate fans on social channels, but by effectively reaching out to their friends and followers. The suite stimulates invites, comments, likes and sharing, driving up impressions on the branded content. The social marketing database captures all this data and assists in planning further interaction.


EngageSciences client base include Unilever,, Forbes, Nokia, Daily Mail Group, Ferrari World, Speedo, WPP, Blackmores, Freakonomics, Mr Porter, MVC, 1000Heads, VCCP, and Ellesse among others.


EngageSciences offers two basic pricing plans, Subscription Pricing and Campaign Pricing. There are three different price points in each of these two pricing models.

Subscription Pricing plans starts at UK£1200 per month for the Standard Plan wherein two social networks can be managed. In this standard plan the client can use Advanced Web Publishing functionality for up to 0.25 million impressions per month. The Enterprise Plan costs UK£1800 per month and allows management of three social networks and Advanced Web Publishing for upto 0.50 million impressions per month. There is also an Enterprise Premium Plan costing UK£2700 per month wherein more than five social networks can be integrated for management and allows for more than 1 million impressions per month.

Campaign Pricing plans starts at UK£1800 for campaign duration of 30 days for the Standard Plan wherein two social networks can be managed. In this standard plan there is also a fan limit of 50,000. The Enterprise Plan costs UK£3150 for campaign duration of 30 days and allows management of three social networks with no fan limit. There is also a Full Service Plan costing UK£8000 for campaign duration of 60 days wherein five social networks can be integrated for management and there is again no fan limit in this plan.

Our Verdict: A powerful, premium solution for managing large social media accounts and campaigns. 

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