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Sentiment Metrics was launched in 2005. Headquartered in Farnborough, UK, Sentiment Metrics is lead by founder Leon Chaddock and Roger Chaddock. The company offerings include ‘Software as a Service’, Reporting and DATA/API.

Social Media Monitoring Key Features

Easy Configuration: Sentiment Metrics collects social conversation from different sources. The relevant mentions are presented in realtime. Gathering data is the most basic function of any social media monitoring application, and Sentiment Metrics is pretty good on this aspect. Query set up is simple and highly effective. Query setup allows for various conditions including region, language, and data channel. It also allows for including and excluding specific urls.

Volume Trending: Social media analysis addresses the question of how the volume of mention is behaving over a period of time, whether the volume is going up or down, and highlights possible peaks and troughs in volume. Sentiment Metrics effectively addresses volume trending and presents the data in graphs and charts for easy comprehension.

Sentiment Benchmarking: The mentions are classified according to the sentiment as positive, negative or neutral. This gives a general trend as to the popularity of the trending topic at any given period of time.

Influencer Identification: Sentiment Metrics identifies the influencers in any topic, and makes it easy for effective engagement with this group of influencers. The top influencers are identified in terms of the number of mentions of the topic, the number of people engaging with the particular influencer, and the perceived authority that the influencer has on the topic.

Team Working: The service offers simple, but effective team working features including multiple users (with different access rights), the ability to create and assign tasks to team members or groups.

Engagement: Sentiment Metrics offer the ability to respond directly to mentions on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks/forums directly from the dashboard. It also provides a “social lookup” feature with a graphical display of the social media profiles of the people engaged in the conversation.

Exporting Data: Exporting of data for further analysis in other applications is quite easy using Sentiment Metrics. The graphs and charts can be exported in picture formats. Similarly raw data can be exported in csv or excel format making it very easy for further analysis in other applications.

social media monitoring dashboard


The most attractive benefit of Sentiment Metrics is definitely the intuitive nature of the application. It’s very easy to get started without having much (if any) analytics training. Search queries can be set up using Boolean Search operators and all operations work pretty quickly.


If we wanted to nit-pick, we’d say the limited options to view the results while setting up queries and to measure the changes while each term is added is a definite down-side. This also makes cleaning up data more time consuming.


Businesses and news agencies use Sentiment Metrics for monitoring and analysis. Some of the clients of Sentiment Metrics include Scottish Water, Subaru, Regus, PR Newswire, Aviva, Novartis, GfK, Ogilvy PR Health, Zenith Optimedia, Unisys, morphy richards, and Sony among others.

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There are two basic plans being offered by Sentiment Metrics based on number of queries or total volume of mentions. The cheapest plan based on number of queries costs UK£300 a month for 3 queries. Similarly, the same plan is available on data volume also with a volume limitation of 10K mentions per month. Costlier plans include UK£600 a month for 10 queries, UK£900 a month for 20 queries and UK£1200 a month for 50 queries. Similarly costlier plans on data volume include UK£500 a month for 20K mentions, and UK£750 a month for 50K mentions

Sentiment Metrics also offers a Pitch account costing UK£99 per month with no query or data limitation. However, it stores data only for 7 days.

Our verdict

Good for growing businesses and larger enterprises for all their social media monitoring, analysis and engagement requirements. The cost is in the mid-range with cheaper plans that will suit all requirements. It is also an easy-to-use application, quite intuitive in its organization so that even those without much experience can work with Sentiment Metrics. However, there are limited options to check the accuracy while setting up queries.

Verdict:  Sentiment Metrics is a very intuitive mid-range social media monitoring tool.

You can click here to request a demo and try Sentiment Metrics for yourself.

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  • Sentiment Metrics

    Hi Mathew,

    Thanks very much for the detailed review. I’m really pleased to see you pick up on the intuitive nature of the application, which results in real ease of deployment across the enterprise. A recent Gleanster report actually gave us top rankings in ease of deployment and ease of use.

    I actually agree with the only negative point you found, that when changing search terms at the original configurations stage it is difficult to see what has changed at this initial point, although there is an estimate volume button. We will soon be adding a view of realtime results as you type in a new query, so you can see the sort of results that will come back if you choose to save the query.

    Note: We do have a really great support team that can also help setup your queries

    We do offer demos and trials if any of your readers are interested.

    Thanks again


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