Product Review: Using Socialbakers for Social Media Analytics

Socialbakers launched in 2008 and now claims to be one of the world’s leading social media analytics providers, with clients in over 75 countries worldwide. Their products include Analytics Pro, Builder Pro and Market Insights. We started using Analytics Pro earlier this year and thought we would share our experiences about what it offers and where its value lies.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics are split into General Info; Fans; Engagement Rating; Posts; Response Rating; Key Influencers; and Admin Stats. Here is what each section covers:

General info

This section gives an overview of your page and awards a score out of 100. The total score is made up of 4 sections – fans (10%), content (30%), engagement (35%) and quality (25%). The scores are awarded as follows:

• To gain a high fan score, you need a balanced, stable increase in fan numbers.

• Your content score is decided by whether you are posting regularly, posting different types of content and making use of different tabs.

• Engagement looks at the number of interactions on your page in ratio to the number of fans.

• The quality score measures whether you are losing fans, posting too little or too often, posting content without describing text, disabling fans from posting, posting more than once in a short period of time, reposting identical content and whether your posts are longer than 400 characters.

This provides an interesting snapshot of how your page is performing and, more importantly, how you compare to your competitors. If your page is not performing, it’s quick easy to see which area you’re struggling with. However, you aren’t provided with a further breakdown of how to improve your score, so it’s up to you or your agency to look into this manually.


This section provides a detailed look at how your fan numbers are changing. What is your daily fan growth? How many people are talking about your page? Which day of the week are you generating most likes? And how does this compare to your competitors?

Engagement rating

All social brands are striving to increase engagement on their Page, making this perhaps the most useful section. It measures what type of content your fans like and when they are most likely to engage with you. They measure average and daily engagement rates as follows:




What is being posted on your page? By who? And when?

Response rate
How long do fans have to wait to get answers to their questions? A key indicator of how ‘socially’ responsive your company is.

Key influencers

Keep track of who is most active on your page and what they are saying.

Admin stats

As the name suggests, these stats are only available to Page admins. They include details on the age, location and gender of fans, as well as page impressions, page Likes by source, and external referrers.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics are split into Followers; Tweets; Engagement Rating; Key Influencers; and Response Rate. Here is what each section covers:


Track changes in the number of followers and following. This is broken down to show you when your highest increases/ decreases were, which day of the week you gain most followers, and how many users have you listed.



What type of content are you posting? How often? And when? This section also looks at when followers are Tweeting or mentioning you and who RTs you most often.

Engagement Rating

This section covers your average engagement rate by date, by day of the week, and hour of the day. It also provides a breakdown of incoming and outgoing interactions by type (e.g. RTs, @mentions or replies).

Key Influencers

Find out who is talking about you the most and what they are saying.

Response Rate

Brands are increasingly using Twitter for Social Customer Service, but social customers don’t like to be kept waiting. This section analyses your response rate and your average response time to questions.

YouTube Analytics

Socialbakers now monitors YouTube channels for number of video views; subscribers; like/dislike rate and growth; total time viewed; channel engagement rate; view rate; and number of videos.


Packages are priced from $50 to $400 per month, with 14-day free trials available.


If you’re serious about developing a successful social media marketing strategy, you’ll want to know as much as you can about your accounts, fans, followers, influencers and engagement rates.

Although Facebook Insights already offer some of this information, Socialbakers delves deeper and provides detailed and meaningful metrics that will help you boost your page performance. Importantly, you can also compare the performance of your page to your competitors and benchmark against industry norms. It’s also worth noting that Socialbakers offer access to historical data, whilst Facebook Insights are only available for 89 days.

The data is presented in clear, simple and attractive graphs which can be easily exported as PDFs and makes it ideal for reporting. As a social media agency, we have found this very useful for monitoring our own presence and for advising clients on their progress and how they can increase engagement.

Of course, it would be great if the package continues its expansion to include other networks such as Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, but given the company’s impressive rate of growth I’m sure this will be on its way.

For the time being, Socialbakers provides a powerful, user-friendly and attractive way to track and compare performance, produce reports, and improve engagement on the main social networks.

You can register for a 14-day trial here.

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