Product Review: Using UberVu for Social Media Monitoring

The UberVu Dashboard

UberVu was founded jointly by Dan Ciotu, Vladimir Oane and Dragos Ilinca in early 2008. Vladimir is the CEO of the company, Dan is the CTO and Dragos runs Marketing and Customer Development for the firm. Based out of London, the top team consists of about 10 members, and in the three years after inception, UberVu has made pretty strong progress in the field of Social Media Monitoring.

Key Features

  • Real Time Harvesting of Data: UberVu collects social communication on realtime basis and allows a company to monitor and interact with people on realtime basis too. It allows the company to monitor conversation continuously and take part in conversation as it happens.
  • Easy Engagement: UberVu makes it easy to post comments are replies to mentions as it happens all from UberVu dashboard itself. Twitter, Facebook and other social media places are all accessible through UberVu dashboard for interaction.
  • Direct Management of Twitter and Facebook: UberVu dashboard allows customers to engage, monitor and manage their facebook and twitter accounts in realtime.
  • Collaboration among Team Members: The dashboard allows assigning of tasks to each member of the team and effective monitoring of action taken.
  • Measuring Impact: UberVu offers actionable insights through analytics. Data is presented in a number of easy to understand metrics, which can be downloaded as custom reports.

Analytics on UberVu


The most useful benefit of UberVu is the ability for realtime social media monitoring integrated with easy engagement. The application allows you to monitor mentions, gauge sentiments, watch trends, and take immediate actions by directly engaging with people who are talking.


The most glaring downside is the limitation in setting up an effective search query. Search queries are grouped into streams with very limited scope for combining different conditions or search parameters. And different streams have to be combined to get total number of mentions.


Businesses and Agencies use UberVu for monitoring and engagement. Some of the clients of UberVu include Nestle, NBC, Ogilvy, BBDO, PayPal, Thomas Cook, BASF, Saatchi & Saatchi, Wunderman, ViewsHound, Strictly Social, Underground BLC, and Silicon Valley PR among others.

Live stream view on UberVu


There are four plans being offered by UberVu. First is Solo costing about US$50 a month. This plan allows only one user per account, 5 search streams and unlimited number of mentions. The second is the Plus plan costing about US$180 per month. This plan allows 5 users and upto 30 search strings with unlimited mentions. The third is Team plan that comes at a cost of about US$400 a month. This plan allows 15 users and upto 75 search strings with unlimited mentions. Update: Ubervu have changed their pricing model in recent weeks, so the details above are now incorrect. They now offer a single, tailored pricing model that starts at $499 per month. This puts them firmly in the medium-price range of self-serve monitoring tools, rather than “budget”, but also enables them to provide more hands-on support.

UberVu also gives Enterprise accounts the cost of which needs to be arrived at by directly contacting the account executives.

Our verdict

Good for an early entrant into social media monitoring. It is low cost compared to other established applications in the market. It is also an easy to use application, quite intuitive in its organization that even those without much experience in the use of such an application can find his way with UberVu.

Verdict:  Ubervu is an intuitive and affordable, entry-level social media monitoring tool.

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  • Gregoire Vigroux

    I have been using Ubervu for Social Media Monitoring purposes for a few months already. It is a great tool. It very easy to use, and the people i have been working with at Ubervu are young and very smart.

  • Luke Brynley-Jones

    Thanks for your input Gregoire. We’ll be reviewing other tools in the coming weeks – but Ubervu has it’s qualities, that’s for sure.

  • dragosilinca

    Hi Luke,

    Thanks for the review, we really appreciate taking the time to give uberVU a spin. I have a small correction to make. For a few weeks now, we have stopped supporting 4 pricing plans in favour of a more customized approach. Our pricing now starts at $499 and we can customize the plans based on our customers’ needs. So if someone just needs 1 login but 1,000 searches, that can be done, as well as the opposite (3-4 searches but 500 logins). 

  • Luke Brynley-Jones

    Thanks for the correction Dragos. Quite a major one. I’ll pass that onto Matthew Vattolil (the post author). 

  • Elisabeth Michaud

    Hi Luke & Mathew,

    Would love to chat about updating this review again – since you last spoke with Dragos, we’ve made a ton of changes, created new features and added new data sources and capabilities. It’d be great to share them with you! Could you email me at elisabeth at ubervu dot com to get the ball rolling?

    - Elisabeth, Social Media Marketing & Community Manager at uberVU

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