‘Sentiment Metrics’ Undergoes Rebrand and Launches ‘Sentiment’

UK based social media monitoring platform, ‘Sentiment Metrics’, has undergone something of a rebrand and launched its new logo and website under the name ‘Sentiment’.

Sentiment’s CEO, Leon Chaddock, explains the reason they dropped ‘Metrics’ from their name:

“Our new brand reflects very much our focus towards helping our clients gain insight from, and communicate directly with, their own customers. De-emphasising the word “metrics” in our name, represents our focus on customer sentiment. What customers love, like, and hate, complaints, questions, wishes and buying requests all communicated via Social Media. It’s these valuable pieces of information, and enabling our clients to jump into these conversations in real time where our clients leverage the most value. The social engagement space is really hotting up, and we are positioned perfectly to lead the way, our new brand helps us communicate this.”

We’ve previously written about how the increasing popularity of social customer service has resulted in a new generation of tools that combine social media listening with engagement and social CRM. Sentiment’s rebrand seems to reflect this change, as they gear up to offer “three pillars”:

  1. Customer Insight
  2. Sales Lead Generation
  3. Social Customer Service

There’s no doubt that the social engagement space is really hotting up. It will be interesting to see if other social media monitoring tools follow suit and switch their focus from metrics to customer engagement.

For more information about Sentiment you can contact the team or click here to arrange a demo.

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