Social Media Monitoring Book

This is a short guest post from Murray Newlands, author of the Social Media Monitoring e-Book.

Lots of people ask me ‘what is social media monitoring?’ and ‘how do you get started?’ so I created the Social Media Monitoring eBook as a beginners guide.

In the days of Mad Men, brands were able to define themselves in a board meeting and tell everyone what their brand was, and broadcast it through radio and television out to the public. These days a brand as much a result of what other people say about you, rather than what you say about yourself. Social media monitoring enables you to hear what other people are saying about your and engage. The book contains an introduction to social media monitoring as well as top tips by some of the worlds leading experts.

Here are some snippets from the book:

Trey Pennington, Marketing pro, speaker and author:

“Social media monitoring realizes that there are conversations going on about you specifically, online whether or not you are there.”

Marshall Sponder, blogger at

“Social media monitoring took its roots in search, and it generated from search. Similarly to Google, it evolved into a specialty, niche type of thing that all of the sudden has gotten hot”

Heidi Cohen said:

“Make sure that you are involved in social media and you understand how the various platforms work. It may sound elementary,
but looking at all of the data that comes in doesn’t necessarily make sense unless you play with each of the platforms you want to look at. And Ibelieve you have to go beyond just Facebook and Twitter. You want to look at How do you blog? What works? Maybe testing out a blog. You want to look at the Flickr’s of the world… and you want to look at the YouTubes. Also don’t overlook some of the smaller, niche players in whatever field you’re in.”

Interviews include Heidi Cohen, Seb Hempstead Sales Manager at Brandwatch, Trey Pennington, Loic Moisand co-founder and CEO of Synthesio, Marshall Sponder, Analyst WCG, Tezza Yujuico co-founder and COO of Athena East, Chase McMichael CEO, Charlie Osmond, Strategy Director, FreshNetworks, Mark Schmulen General Manager of Constant Contact and Luke Brynley-Jones, Founder of Our Social Times (and Editor of this blog).

You can download the social media monitoring eBook for free.

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