Social Media Monitoring Discussion – 12th Oct, New York

Following successful conferences in London, San Francisco, Miami and Last Vegas, I’ll be hosting Social Media Marketing & Monitoring 2011 in New York on 12th October. While the primary focus of the conference is social media marketing – including sessions on Google+, social commerce, story-telling in social media, Facebook’s Sponsored Stories and location marketing – it will also include an insightful session from social media monitoring company, Brandwatch, plus a discussion on Influencer Analysis & Engagement, led by Pierre-Loic Assayag, Founder & CEO of Traackr.

Brandwatch worked with games company, Activision, to monitor the launch of the latest Assassins Creed game - which was the biggest ever marketing promotion of a video game. In addition to tracking conversations before the launch, to hone the marketing messages and target the best channels (e.g. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc.), Brandwatch monitored the sentiment (positive/neutral/negative) and number of mentions (buzz) throughout the campaign and were able to identify the content releases – such as trailer video clips – that worked, and the ones that didn’t.

By involving a team of social media monitoring experts in the marketing process from start to finish, Activision were able to map the life-cycle of the campaign and create a blue-print for the successful launch of a video game in different markets. This could save them millions of dollars on their next launch. I’d say that was money well spent.

Another key marketing investment for companies today is influencer analysis and engagement. Traackr is one of the leading exponents of this art, which, although still controversial, is generating returns for many brands. Traack helps you to identify influencers according to their reach (e.g. # of fans/friends/followers), resonance (how much their messages are share/retweeted etc.) and relevance (how closely they are associated with your industry/services). They then monitor what these individuals are saying about your company or industry, and help you to connect and engage with them.

At SMM11 New York we’ll be exploring how influencer analysis works, the issues that measuring qualities such as “influence” and “relevance” raises, and the opportunities successful influencer engagement offers businesses. Speakers at the conference include strategic marketer, Trey Pennington, Christine Perkett (“One of the 100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter”) and Asif Khan, President of the Location-based Marketing Association. Early Bird Tickets for the conference are on sale now.

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