Social Media Monitoring Made Easy: An Interview with Talkwalker

Talkwalker is a social media monitoring and analytics tool founded in 2009 and based in Luxembourg. After achieving great success in mainland Europe with clients such as Volkswagen and Ogilvy, they are now looking to break into the English speaking market. I recently caught up co-founder Christophe Folschette to find out what they have to offer.


     1.  What’s your background and why did you get into social media monitoring?

We are an IT company specialising in search engine technology and media crawling. This is our DNA. We are passionate about how technology can help clients find insights in the masses of data that is currently published in social media, and how it will help companies protect brand reputation, optimize campaigns and reach out to stakeholders.

     2.  Tell us about Talkwalker. What’s your 2-minute pitch?

Technology works best when its use is simple. We think of Talkwalker as the most easy to use tool, with its interface that is both elegant and efficient. There is absolutely no training needed.

Then, the power of Talkwalker lies in our solid data stream, which entirely comes out of our own technology. Any data can be easily filtered, sorted, analysed, charted in our tool and the insights seamlessly exported into Excel, PowerPoint, Word, RSS, etc. for further handling.

     3.  How is Talkwalker different from other monitoring platforms?

The reality is that clients neither have the time nor the motivation to spend hours educating themselves on how to use a complicated monitoring tool. Our focus lies in the easiness of our user interface, all simple and clear. Furthermore, our clients love our unique reporting possibilities, as well as our integrated early warning features. Plus, it all comes down to data. Data quality, coverage and analytics have been and will stay one of our main subjects of attention.

     4.  What would you say is your ‘killer’ feature?

In a nutshell: you can simply turn quantitative data into qualitative analysis at a glimpse. Our clients love the clear interface and the clever syntax. They love the way you can sort, filter, tag, analyse and export the data in a fraction of the time you would need with other tools, literally at the click of a button.

     5.  How do you see the industry developing? What’s next for social media monitoring?

Social media monitoring will evolve into social media intelligence, used throughout many separate departments and within existing core processes in client service, marketing, PR, market research, etc. Social, online and internal data will be linked to optimally gather the real insights out of social media activity, and calculate the ROI of the increasing budgets geared towards social.

Hence, tools like Talkwalker would be used differently across the departments:  PR will benefit from an early warning system and influencer tracking, marketing will use campaign tracking and ROI calculations, customer service will gather satisfaction feedbacks, etc.

     6.  You’re coming to Social Media Marketing 2013 in London next month. What will you be talking about?

We will demonstrate that Talkwalker is the most easy to use and incredibly powerful social media monitoring tool that we claim it to be! We are launching in the UK as we speak, and have hired both Jerry Eriksson and Christophe Gobel to spearhead our development here. We are totally confident that we will replicate the success we currently encounter in Germany, France and the rest of continental Europe.


Visit for more details, or come along to Social Media Marketing 2013 where the team will be on hand to answer your questions.

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