The 5 best low cost social media monitoring tools

If you’re looking for the best low cost social media monitoring tool, this is our suggested list of the top five. We’ve tried and tested them all. If you use (or run) a good, low-cost service that isn’t listed, by all means add it to the comments below (stating why it’s good and how much it costs):

Ubervu (

Having started out as a very simple, low-cost service, Ubervu (pictured above) has dramatically improved it’s offering the past 12 months (and doubled it’s prices). At the solo level, costing $49.99, you now get a very easy to use search and dashboard setup offering basic sentiment detection and some nice graphics. If you upgrade to the Plus or Team level ($179.99/$399 per month) or Enterprise (fees on application), you also get a range of management tools.

Viralheat (

One of the best low-cost, or entry-level, social media monitoring tools available, Viralheat provides a “lite” version of what the more expensive dashboards provide, including: search and reporting, graphs, video monitoring (which some more costly tools don’t offer), sentiment detection and influencer analysis (Klout is integrated). Prices range from just $9.99/month to $89.99/month.

Alterian SM2 Freemium Version (

Alterian is one of the only high-end dashboard providers to offer a free version of it’s well-regarded service. At the free level you can have up to 1000 search results at any one time. If you want more, you have to delete them – but that’s probably enough for any SME or individual (if they’ve got their search queries set up right). It’s not the easiest tool to figure out, but if you upgrade to the full version ($500+/month), you get support. One unique feature of SM2 is it’s retrospective monitoring reporting.

Google Alerts (

Google Alerts are free and simple, so the obvious starting point for most people in monitoring. But they are far from flawless: a recent study by Brandwatch showed that Google Alerts picks up less than 10% of brand mentions and that alerts often appear days (or weeks) late.

Twitter Dashboards

Probably the easiest way to keep track of your brand/name on blogs and Twitter is one of the many free dashboards out there. By setting up keyword searches on Tweetdeck you can track your brand and industry pretty comprehensively, but I prefer MarketMeSuite ($5.99/month), which lets you create geo-located searches and reply templates. It’s much more of a pro-active marketing tool.

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  • James Ainsworth

    Thanks for including Alterian SM2 in your list. Happy to help anyone that would like more information.nnJames, @AlterianJames


    Try Actionly for affordable option to Social Media Monitoring. We track keywords across Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Flickr, YouTube etc and also allow managing multiple Twitter or Facebook accounts from our dashboard.nBesides we have schedulable reports, email alerts, sentiment analysis and our latest integration with Google Analytics allows you to see your Social Media ROI.nPing us if any Q’s. Thx! n

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  • Erik Bratt

    Thank you for the Viralheat mention … thought you might be interested in today’s announcement on incorporating “human intent” to pinpoint lead opportunities: nnMashable: Startup Uses Tweets to Predict Purchasesn, Viralheat Evanglist & Community Manager

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  • Olivia

    The above mentioned are truly a big sites with good features but one should try with TrackThisNow. nIt is a tool that comes up with a package of all features that you think of.nTrackThisNow track from 20 different search engines for your brands/products/topics and email you the only the new results everyday. nYou can get the updates with the help of Map Features according to the specific region or cities.nnIf you haven’t used it before the free service is here http://www.trackthisnow.comn nYou can please register here if you are interested. It just charge $1 per month. So Go and Explore MorennCheers….n

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  • Anonymous


    Just stumbled on this site – love the idea of a place dedicated solely to social media monitoring. Anyways, just wanted to suggest some minor corrections. That study of Brandwatch vs Google Alerts really does demonstrate Google’s surprising lack of coverage (probably rate limited), but in fact Google Alerts is slightly quicker to the punch on any given mention (it’s just that Google collects a fraction of mentions and does no post-processing on them). The original study was done by Web Liquid Group:



  • Luke Brynley-Jones

    Thanks for your input and support Molten. I’ll check out that study.

  • Brittany

    I’d definitely like to add Sprout Social to the mix!  It’s an easy-to-use and affordable social media monitoring tool (plans start at $9/month) with features like Google Analytics integration, prospect discovery, and competitor insights as well as Facebook, Twitter, Gowalla, and Foursquare management.  Worth checking out!

    Brittany Morse
    Online Marketing Specialist | 

  • Tweet Adder

    This is very informative and my favourite is google alerts.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the information, but what do u think about hootsuite and shootols

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